1x8 tongue & groove barn siding 

* Pressure treated 4x4 runners
* Pressure treated 2x4 floor framing 12’’ on center
* 5/8 plywood floor decking                                              *2x4 construction 24’’ on center
* 5/8 plywood roof decking
* High performance roof underlayment
*Aluminum drip edge
* Ridge Venting
* 30 year dimensional shingles  



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Gable Deluxe
7' Sidewall

                     Gable Deluxe

             Size          Smartside         Duratemp

            8x10x9             $2,599                 Add 5%
            8x12x9             $2,799                  
          10x12x9             $3,099             
          10x14x9             $3,399             
          10x16x9             $3,699             
          10x20x9             $4,099           
        12x14x10             $4,199             
        12x16x10             $4,699           

        Price includes delivery within 50 miles
​               12x14 and 12x16 installed on-site

Taller sidewall with double 2x6 top plate and added trim on gable ends

Doors can be placed on any wall

Available with a 60" 64" double door opening   

72" available on 12' wide buildings

 60" is standard unless specified

Click on photos for a larger view

10x12x9 with optional window, ramp, and cupola