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One of the most important things to think about when buying a storage building is where to put it?  Our buildings are designed to be portable and sit right on your lawn.  However, not all yards are created equal and may require addition preparations and material for proper installation and safe usage.  Perhaps its fairly flat, slow rolling, has a steep pitch, or there's a drainage issue in the desired location.  A gravel base or concrete pad is highly recommended when there's a drainage issue.  Concrete blocks may be required where 6'' or more of leveling material is needed.  Any blocks needed is an additional fee of $2.50 per block to add and install.  Minor digging is neccessary to level blocks on the ground. 

The photo below shows a 12x16 floor frame 14'' out of level from front to back corner.  Because we specialize in on-site installation we can provide this type of work during the installation process.  In this extrem case the number of blocks needed is unknow at start. This will result in a $35.00 trip charge in addition to $2.50 per block to run out and get.